zoekmachine optimalisatie seo in min SEOguru Pelicula

With the latest search algorithms updates implemented by Google, especially the Penguin update, onsite SEO is more important than ever. Indeed, the Penguin update greatly affected marketing strategies and web-sites, and penalised web-sites with content that weren’t optimized. One notable update was the fact that the search engines are now much more strict when it comes to duplicate content, greatly reducing the SERP of a website or blog that had been using simple copy and pasting of existing content. Thus, be it for SEO or SEM, fresh content is now more important than ever. It is especially recommended to create content with the proper key-words and key-word phrases density, as highlighted by SEO Studio.


It is now a known fact that a proper search engine optimization is the foundation of a successful website. Indeed, an SEO campaign is essential and even vital for a website to obtain a great exposure and excellent rankings. The most useful tool that web-masters can use to achieve this is targeted SEO key-words. An SEO keyword is basically words or phrases that will allow people to find your website or web pages through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, as highlighted by SEO Studio. However, developing a list of key-words to optimize web-sites with can be hard and may often require that web-masters consider consulting with a search engines optimisation pro.

If you’re not into analytics, you should be especially if SEO is your life. Analytics will help you know digital marketing a lot better. It is the numbers and statistics of the game. Webmasters, SEO consultants, developer and marketers use tools for this and offer packages to clients with pricing and quote details. Get a guide on tips to learn this. Advanced tools are used to give your client the results he needs. Be ready to learn through videos, posts, queries, themes, tactics, email, and reviews – simply download the files and start learning. Google will help you through it all. Refer to SEOquake and Webopedia too. Analytics will help those into PPC deals.


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